"I love you. With all the letters, words and pronunciations. In all the languages and accents. In all the meanings and ways. With all the circumstances and reasons. I just love you, and only you." 

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Adamtina Moments (119/∞)

Blind Auditions (Season 5, Episode 1)


HEADERS DE ADAMTINA S2S2S2S2 se usarem créditos a @agleeras

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Adamtina Moments (118/∞)

I Love Rock n Roll, Coaches Performance (Season 5, Episode 1)

"They hate-flirt on The Voice, but on this playful Mick tribute, Aguilera and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine have the chemistry of a real-life couple — one that loves to argue about who’s got more swagger. Aided by a whistling hook and a driving disco melody, Levine knows just how to woo his duet partner with pickup lines like ”Kiss me till you’re drunk.”" — Entertainment Weekly. (via adamtinachemistry)


Adamtina ftw.


Adamtina ftw.

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Adamtina | Top of the World 


Here’s my new adamtina video. I hope you like it.  :)

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Adamtina Moments (117/∞)

Blind Auditions (Season 5, Episode 1)


Here’s an Adamtina video that I made. The videos aren’t mine but I put them all together. The song is I Heart U by Tessanne Chin. I hope yu like it!!!

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